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£1012 in refunds have been forgone from 64 ticket buyers in support of 49 event organisers.

With events being cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus, independent event organisers are in a difficult situation. The money, time and effort they have put into organising events is at risk of going to waste, putting them in a very vulnerable position.

Coronavirus is having a big impact on lots of businesses, but event organisers get hit from both sides. It’s unlikely they will get a refund on artists, or performers, or venues that have been booked, and they need to refund ticket purchases. There’s not much they can recoup.

It’s hard to make an events business work at the best of times, and event organisers are the ones sticking their necks out to bring people together around a passion. If we don’t remember how important the organisations these people run are, we could lose them forever.

If you have bought a ticket to an independently run event that has been cancelled, consider whether you would mind not being refunded to support the event organiser or venue. Enter the details of the order below, we will confirm this with you by email, and then we will notify the event organiser that you don’t mind not being refunded. The data collected will not be used for anything other than notifying you and the event organiser of your intention.

It’s times like this when it’s really important to support one another.

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Thank you. We have notified the event organiser.

How does this service work?
Just let us know the details of your order, and we’ll contact the event organiser or venue on your behalf to let them know you are forgoing your refund. We aren’t able to provide direct confirmation of it being successful, but we think it’s a meaningful gesture to inform event organisers of any ticket buyers who are willing to support them in this way.

How do I know my money will go to the event organiser?
All events are put on and organised in slightly different ways – sometimes the profit from a ticket sale goes directly to the main organiser, and other times it will be split amongst multiple parties involved (e.g. the venue, the promoter etc). With this service, we are informing the main contact of the event that the ticket buyer wishes to forfeit their refund to support the event organiser. It will be dependent on how the event was set up as to how any forgone refunds are used or shared amongst the parties involved in hosting the event.

How do I find out who the event organiser is?
The easiest way is to either return to the page where you bought the ticket – there will usually be a contact point there. Alternatively, you’ll likely find contact information on the ticket confirmation email you received when you placed your order.

What should I do if I bought my ticket directly through a venue?
Please enter the main contact email address of the venue. To find out what this is, visit the ‘Contact’ page on their website.

What should I do if I bought my ticket through a reseller?
We won’t be able to assist you with forgoing your refund in this instance.

Can I partially forgo my refund?
We’ve set this service up to be as simple as possible, so sadly it’s not possible to request to partially forgo your refund.

Who set this service up?
This service was created by Ticket Tailor, an independent ticketing platform that offers event organisers a simple way to manage their online ticket sales and event registration. Our aim is, and has always been, to create a ticketing platform that puts event organisers first.

How will you use my data?
Just for the purposes of this service. We will not share your personal data with anyone, other than the event organiser, and we will delete all personal data off our servers after 90 days of submission.

Thank you!

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